Our Tracking Solutions is our real-time fleet management and asset tracking solution. This solution is suitable for a range of applications including corporate vehicle fleet management, long-distance transportation and trailer tracking. This solution also offers a voice module for communications between the vehicle and the base station.
This Solution also offers comprehensive reports for all aspects of fleet management that helps you stay informed and in total control.

We are the upcoming leader in vehicle tracking and recovery. We provide the latest GSM GPRS and GPS online vehicle tracking solutions designed to provide excellent vehicle tracking via SMS and Web. Our use of Google maps ensures excellent tracking of your vehicle anywhere in the world, giving our customers peace of mind.
GSM GPRS and GPS vehicle tracking services is the tracking of vehicles that involves the collection of the vehicle’s activities and GPS data then delivering this information to the customer on His mobile phone and is made accessible online. This information improves the value of your assets and the level of services you provide. Better information also leads to higher profits through better fleet management. Our Motorbike trackers ensures the constant monitoring of your motorbike (Boda boda) and immobilize and recover it whenever it’s stolen this is done using the owner’s mobile phone. Personal trackers are used for tracking movements of elderly people or young children to ensure their safety and or location to avoid being lost.
If you are looking for a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution, we can provide you with a solution that meets your needs. We offer you affordable, Easy to use, real-time GPS vehicle tracking solution using industry’s leading technology incorporating both cellular and GPS communications using the latest SIRF star III technology.

Products and Services

We are an upcoming leader in vehicle security and tracking solution in Kenya. We provide GPS, GPRS satellite based vehicle and asset tracking solutions. Our tracking units are fitted with the latest SIRF star III technology chips – GSM receiver, which is able to communicate and interpret the signals from these GPS satellites. We provide solutions to all vehicle owners from corporate to individuals.
Fleet Owners: Owners of large fleet of transport Lorries and other vehicles use our system to monitor their vehicle.
Taxi Operators: Taxi owners enjoy our services by monitoring the movement of their vehicles and recovering them in the event of a loss due to theft.
Private companies: Use our services to control the movement of their vehicles and monitor them at all times.
Non Governmental Organizations: We have installed our systems in some of the leading Non-governmental organizations to ensure their vehicles are safe all the time.
Individuals: We install the systems to individuals to ensure their vehicles are at their reach and they feel safe and secure when they know their assets are safe.
BodaBoda Owners – Owners and drivers of boda boda or motorbike will be able to monitor their motorbikes movement and keep track of mileage covered, they can also recover it whenever it’s stolen.
We offer the following Products and Services:

  • Vehicle Tracking – Mulika Gari
  • Motor Bike Tracking – Mulika BodaBoda
  • Personal Trackers – Mulika mtu

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