Manufacturing & Construction
Manufacturing and Industrial Security
Manufacturing and industrial security poses a unique problem for many companies, and there may be special requirements and issues involved because of the environment. Homestead Security requires on the site training and orientation before our security officers are placed on assignment, so that our personnel are prepared for anything that may occur. This also allows us to customize the training our officers receive for each individual client, according to the specific requirements and needs the client may have. This is in addition to the rigorous training and education required by us, before we place any security officer on assignment.
Construction Site Security
Construction site security is a big concern to many businesses, and at Homestead Security, we can give you the security you are looking for with our construction site security program. Trespassing, theft, and other security problems will be a thing of the past, because your construction site will be secure and protected by our highly qualified and extensively trained security officers.
Educational Institutions & Hospitals
University, College, and School Security
Unfortunately, in the modern world universities, colleges, and even high schools at times need tight security. Homestead Security provides highly trained security officers that are both professional and effective at providing the highest quality security services to schools, colleges, and universities. We can provide a security consultation and tailor made security solutions to help keep your students safe no matter what their age is.
Hospital and Nursing Home Security
Homestead Security offers security services that are tailored for the hospital and nursing home settings. We provide professional high quality security, and our entire teams of highly trained security officers are prepared for any situation. Let us help you find the perfect security solution to protect your hospital or nursing home and patients.
Residential Properties
Homestead tailors its services to residential communities: Residents Associations, Courts, Individual Home Owners, and Property Managers and Agents.
Each community has a unique personality - location, layout, traffic flow, specialized facilities, customized bylaws, and homeowner preferences must all be considered when providing security services. Additionally, as a community matures, its needs change, and therefore, its rules and regulations evolve.
Only by initiating and maintaining a line of joint communication with estate security committee members, property management and homeowners, will a security team fulfill the evolving needs of its community. Homestead executives work hand-in-hand with the homeowners and property managers by:

  • Attending Monthly Security Meetings
  • Listening to Residents

Our dedication to a collaborative partnership with our communities is the reason our clients recommend us to their friends.
Access Control / Gate Officer
Homestead contact at the gatehouse sets the tone for the resident and their guests’ experience...
The first impression of your community starts with your security staff -- Professional communication and observations skills are needed to both welcome and secure entry into the community.
Homestead utilizes in-depth training programs to keep our access team alert, efficient and friendly. To assure procedures are maintained, site supervisors monitor access control officers by daily:

  • Reviewing CCTV Replays
  • Examining Visitor/Resident Book Entries
  • Conducting Uniform Inspections

Patrol Officer
Responding to house alarms are the most important duties of a patrol officer. Constant training drills ensure that patrol officers are able to respond and perform under high stress situations.
Prevention and detection are secondary functions of the Homestead Patrol Officer. Training and constant reinforcement is again the key to performance. After their initial training, officers are constantly evaluated on the following procedures:

  • Identifying Suspicious Behavior
  • Securing Homes & Detecting Forced Entry
  • Monitoring Traffic Controls
  • Conducting Uniform Inspections
  • Pin-pointing Audible Alarms
  • Maintaining Sporadic Patrol Procedures

Corporate Security Consulting
Homestead Security is a complete solution provider to corporate clients. Experienced and professional, we combine technological resources, teamwork, and highly trained individuals in the delivery of unmatched security protection to corporations and large scale institutions. From the minute you call Homestead; we'll assist and consult with you to develop a security program that works for your budget and your organization.
Our services span all corporate asset protection specialties from CCTV systems to mobile patrols and from risk assessments to corporate investigations.
We know that the safety and security issues of each contract will never be identical. Public buildings where visitors can come and go relatively freely present very different challenges to the high security needs of research labs, financial centers and government buildings. But with a dedication to thorough analysis and due diligence, Homestead Security will offer public and private institutions superior end to end service from consultation through implementation to ongoing customer service and support.
Shopping Centers & Retail Stores
Dedication to Details
Shopping centers demand security officers with a wide range of skills - from the sensitivity to deal with lost children to the ability to respond to and effectively address law enforcement incidents. Homestead security has been confronted with all of these issues and has been providing highly skilled officers to the shopping center industry. Our training helps us excel in the following areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Emergency Response Drills
  • Risk Management and Liability
  • Special Events Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Fire Safety Operations
  • Interior/Exterior Patrols

Loss Prevention and Retail Security
Retail stores have special needs regarding security, because of shoplifting issues as well as other security concerns. Loss prevention for retail businesses is an important aspect of security, because millions of shillings each year are lost by retail establishments due to theft and other losses. Homestead Security offers security officers who are specially trained and experienced in retail security and loss prevention to meet the needs of your business.





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    • Alarm Installation & Response
    • Dog Handling Service
    • CCTV & Access Controls
    • Outsourced Personnel
    • Private Investigation
    • Vehicle Tracking



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